About NA4A

NA4A – Not Apologizing for Apologia

NA4A Stands for “Not Apologizing for Apologia.” This phrase embodies our belief that Christians should strive to be able and willing to defend their faith without shame. In a world where Christians have to fight against false stereotypes, oppression, and daily challenges to their faith, NA4A exists to provide a place to learn about the theology and philosophy of the Christian faith. Simply put, NA4A is a website dedicated to sharing and discussing Christian Theology and Apologetics.

Apologetics & Devotionals

NA4A has two categories: Apologetics and Devotionals. Apologetics is about defending one’s faith within a theological debate. This is for Christians wanting to learn how to understand best and defend the specifics of what they believe in Christ Jesus. The devotionals section falls more along the lines of what you would expect from your average Christian blog. In this section, we discuss faith and pull specific takeaways and actions from God’s word.

Who Writes Here?

Currently, the only author is me, Lucas Elliott. However, we are looking for more writers! If you would like to get your content posted here, let us know by emailing us at NA4A@reborn.com and we might feature you on our guest page! We are currently in the process of converting NA4A’s apologetics section into a peer-reviewed theology journal. All new apologetics content will include proper formatting and previous papers are being modified to fit the qualifications. We usually use APA citation systems, however, other formats may be accepted.

What Exactly are Apologetics?

Apologetics is the discussion defending one’s beliefs or thoughts, especially concerning Christianity. Apologetics includes knowing what you’re talking about and knowing how to respond to common thought processes and points against Christianity. In apologetics you learn to analyze and respond to statements like: “Why would a loving God create hell?” and “What is the meaning and significance of God’s omniscience?”. On our discord server, we discuss apologetics, and on our home page, we release (you guessed it) papers on such topics.

Our Vision

At NA4A, we hope to create an active community that can ask, answer, and share on apologetics. It’s designed primarily for Christians to learn and grow in apologetics, but non-believers are also more than welcome. We hope to answer common questions that Christians struggle with. We strive to reach people of all ages and in all stages of their faith.